NewRobos drive innovation and 21st century learning skills via our 4 Pillars of technology

Coding Foundation

App Development


Artificial Intelligence

Our Vision

NewRobos is an online coding and Robotics academy for kids that helps them with a platform where they can learn to exhibit their creative side which otherwise remains hidden. Our vision is to create a coding boot camp for our students and bring out the innovator in the early years. We aim to inspire the individuals who have a knack for programming because coding will be the future language. We create a perfect ambiance for our students where they get motivated to learn and create and at the same time enjoy the online sessions.

Our Team

Learn from the best and experienced instructors from the comfort of home. Technology will be a game changer in your life! Our online classes are self-paced with full attention being paid to all through the formation of small groups. Our training tries to make them proficient and independent so that they can perform on their own as well.

Our Investors

Parents are our investors who have reposed faith in us, thus bolstering our core strengths, enabling us to do all we can to deliver only the best. In this technology-driven era, we offer the beststudent-centered courses at cost-efficient prices which will help your kids to get a head start in this fast-paced and competitive world.

Curious about what is involved in courses for coding and Robotics for kids?

Through our courses, we plan to develop young programmers who can create magic with codes and skills. We have designed our courses keeping in mind the ever-changing market trends and latest technology. Having an experience of 15years in Computer Science Education and Robotics makes us a cut above the rest. We focus on imparting education that can help the kids to learn fundamentals of coding-structure sequence, games, animations, make chatbots, gain insight in android through live projects, artificial intelligence and graphical programming, mobile app and game development, loops and lists through memorization games and designing user interface for Android.

Note: Be a part of the NewRobos team and let’s create future visionaries, artists, animators and entrepreneurs!