Python Advance


Key Highlights

  • 60 minute sessions
  • Create Amazing Projects
  • Learn to code in the most popular language used by experts.
  • No prior coding experience required

What is Python programming?

A versatile and powerful programming language for general-purpose that lays the foundation of other programming languages. It has gained worldwide popularity.We train in a manner that makes the coding sessions engaging for the children.

Prerequisites for undertaking the course

A laptop with an internet connection and camera

Who can enroll?

This course is designed for children of Class 9-12.

Key benefits of the course

This course is one step ahead of the Python Junior course. Once your kid knows the basics of programming, he will love to know what’s next. He would like to expand his horizons and that’s when Python Senior course comes into the picture.
Through this tool, the logical thinking skills will be improved by 60%.

Some of the topics to be covered during the course : 

  • Creating Chatbot
  • Developing a Chat App
  • Operating on Variables
  • String and String Variable
  • Maths with Python
  • How to design in Python
  • Loop Concept and Use Case in Python with GUI
  • Developing Race Game (Final Project)

This course will enhance your child’s computer skills. They will learn how to use coding for animation and problem-solving. Their visualization power will be improved.

Utilize the time and invest in one of the most demanding and popular courses for your kid!

Join and become a Young Engineer and turn your ideas into reality!


  • 8 sessions – Rs. 600 /Session
  • Course Curriculum-

Maths, String Variable and Loop Concepts
Create Your Own Chatbot 

  • How will your child implement? 

Basic computer programming concepts 

  • Benefits

Improves visualization power 


  • Novice : ₹4,800


  • 16 sessions – Rs. 575/Session
  • Course Curriculum-

Novice Curriculum +
Designing using Python

  • How will your child implement?

Create colorful spiral designs through reading, writing and debugging of programs

  • Benefits 

Enhances logical thinking and computational mathematical skills 

  • Developer : ₹9,200


  • 32 sessions – Rs. 550 /Session
  • Course Curriculum-

Developer Curriculum +
Data Science Concepts

  • How will your child implement? 

Work on projects based on data science

  • Benefits 

Through live projects, analytical thinking improves 


  • Champion : ₹17,600