Learn to Code: Artificial Intelligence in Education

Welcome to the 21st centurydigital era where technology rules our daily lives. We can see technology all around us and this is what the generation is growing up with. It is pretty normal to see how they comfortably browse shopping websites and understand virtual assistants. Though they are exploring technology in some or the other way but are unaware of how they work.

Everything is influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a certain extent in the modern world. If the children understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then they can relate to it and it will help them to grow with the much-in-demand skill.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A science of training the machines so that they can perform cognitive functions like perceiving, learning, reasoning, and solving problems i.e., performing human tasks. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine, auditory and visual information is translated into the computer language.

The children can analyze mathematical functions, make projects with text training blocks, build and play games, create custom text model and train the machine learning models to recognize numbers, images, sounds or text. The knowledge is imparted through creative and playful activities.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence empowers the children to create intelligent machines that could perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Children can create wonders.

  • Boosts Imagination - Learning AI at a young age will expand their horizons and later om will motivate them to become a technology innovator.                                                                                                                   
  • Problem-Solving Ability -The problem-solving skills will be enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When the child is exposed to the basics of AI and Machine Learning, their perspective to look at things also changes. The way they will address to the problem will also vary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Contribute to Society - Children with an in-depth knowledge of AI and Machine Learning can contribute to society by creating useful applications for society at large.


Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

The most promising section of the population is the youth as they will have a vital role in leading the country and taking decisions to grow as an economy and moving from developing to a developed country.

The scope of AI in India is humongous. It can make India a global leader in AI.Indian economy is thriving on agriculture and technology these days is revolutionizing the agricultural sector as well. In addition to this, AI is playing a significant role in the sector of Infrastructure, Education, Retail, Transportation, etc.

The demand for the same is multiplying in the companies that are using technology to upgrade their products and services and improve the decision-making process. It does not just have a crucial role to play in self-driving cars but also in the industries that affect our daily lives like banking, finance and healthcare.

The demand for AI is growing rapidly in almost all sectors. This creates a requirement to learn the same so that the future of the country could be changed with the creative skills learned during the initial years and then moving on to learn the advanced skills later.

AI can automate complex jobs, so India has recognized its potential to transform the economies. Based on the 2018 discussion paper by NITI Aayog, the policy think tank of India, AI can add USD 1 trillion to the Indian economy. It will open new sources of value.

India should be AI-ready and to attain that goal, the youth should be ready first for the future.

AI will be making a breakthrough in the coming years and it is becoming essential to prepare the next-gen for the new-age world.

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